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Moon Palace Restaurant

Far Eastern Cuisine

Al Mansoura

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Take Away

An impressive restaurant offering both Korean and Japanese cuisine as well as a chance to relax and dine in an 'Asian' inspired environment. The restaurant is split into two levels with a sushi bar and Korean barbecue on the ground floor and an upstairs dining room that makes you feel like you're eating in a Korean home. The food itself is authentic, uncomplicated and freshly made by chefs who know what they're doing. The soups are tasty and well seasoned and the same can be said for the main courses also. The staff are friendly and are more then happy to explain any of the dishes to you (which can sometimes be a bit of a rarity!) which adds to the pleasure of dining here. It's a shame they don't do home delivery as the takeaway food on offer is to the same high standard as eating here. But if you're in the area or fancy some Asian cuisine in a different environment then why not give this place a try.